Welsh-Hungarian Advent Concert in Kunágota!

This Sunday, the popular Welsh-Hungarian concert series will return to the idyllic village of Kunágota in southern Hungary, where Hungarian artists will perform a Christmas special featuring traditional songs from both cultures.

Branded the “Welshest” village in Hungary, the Békés County village of about 2,500 inhabitants will now host its first Welsh-Hungarian Advent Concert, featuring seasonal performances in Hungarian, Welsh and English.

Organised by Hungarian-born classical singer Elizabeth Sillo, who is also behind Cardiff’s annual Welsh-Hungarian concerts, the event at Kunágota’s community centre will feature contributions from local performers including Hajnalka Lehóczky, Tamás Egresi and István Sipos.

Thanks to the work of Elizabeth and her colleagues, Welsh hymns are not uncommon in the remote Hungarian village, where Welsh-Hungarian concerts have taken place for years, to the locals’ great delight.

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